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The best of the breed
Guardiola Spanish Horses

Maria Luisa Guardiola Domínguez


Grand-son of Educado & son of  Centello



Son of Poseido VI & grandson of Maromo


Ebanisto II Guardiola Educada XXII

Son of Educado V & Postina

Centella 36

Son of Centello V, Campeón de Sevilla 2001 Funcionalidad.

Casadero I

son of  Educado  V & son  of Casadera


Postín III

grandson of Poseido VI & son of Educado V


Ebanisto II

son of Maromo & grandson of Educado


Martelillo V

grandson of Maromo & son of Hispano VIII


Casadero II

son of Educado V & Casadera

Casadero III

son of Educado V & Casadera


Essential Data  OF OUR STUD FARM:

  • Name: Maria Luisa Guardiola Domínguez

  • Situation: "Viña del Bailio" - Carmona - Seville - Spain

  • Number of brood mares: 8

  • Foundation mares of the stud: Centella IV through Casadera, Educada III through Ebanisto II

  • Current mares:

    • Casadera by Centello

    • Postina by Maromo through Martelilla

    • Educada XXII by Educado V

  • Foundation stallions of the stud: Gorrón II through Martelillo, Maromo through Postina, Centello V through Centella 36 y Educado I through Ebanisto II and Casadera.

  • Most representative horses: Ebanisto II, Casadero I, Postín III

  • Genetic origins: Carthusian as the basic line, and Military Stud

Centello V

Campeón de Sevilla 2001

Father of Centella 36


Sub-campeón de España 85
Campeón de la Raza
Grandfather of Ebanisto II & Casadera

Centello V Guardiola


Educado Guardiola



Father of Ebanisto II

Maromo has been an crucial stallion of  the Stud farm "Don Salvador Guardiola", with descendent son significant as Centella V, Educado, Hispano VIII, Dominanta, Chorlito, Lejano, this last three of "Dehesa de la Granja" once it was sold to Mr. Jaime Pujol, all of them champions.


Maromo Guardiola

Our Stud Farm is a segregation of a part form the stud "Herederos de Don Salvador Guardiola Fantoni", done in january 1995.

The history of the stud farm start many years ago. The father of the Condesa de Peñaflor, Don Salvador Guardiola Fantoni bought the famous stud of Roberto Osborne including mares named Limonera, Destinada, or Imperdible, and stallions named Teruel, and Destinado, this last one was of a line of horses that was used a lot, pure Carthusian. We are talking of the years 1942-43. But the stud existed already in  the Condesa de Peñaflor grandfather's time. In Pinganillo (Guardiola familly main farm) there are hand written notes made by my grandfather, with the coverings of the mares, which mares had been used for the harvest over at Malavista , in Pinganillo etc.

Initially the horses were in the salt marshes, running free, and the selection that was done consisted in bringing State stallions from the stallion depot, apart from our own stallions, always trying to bring stallions that came from the
Carthusian lines and the Military Stud, so not to go outside these lines.

The criterions for selection were based upon primarily getting animals with a good morphology. The horse with not enough cannon bone and too small was taken away. Secondly that they were functional horses, with a good canter, that were useful for the work, k, previously to work with the wild bulls and now  in the agriculture 

The basic line of Guardiola is the Carthusian, to which then the breeder adds his notes, his character, in function with the destiny of the horses. The whole family have been riders and we like functional horses. About the characteristic colours of the stud, as it comes from the Carthusian, we have the typical colours of this line, which is grey, bay and black. The dominant colours in our stud have been grey and bay.

History of Spanish Horse